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Welcome to the Website of the Central Square Teachers' Association.

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NEW ==> New NYSUT Officers Elected
By David Fries, April 8, 2014

NYSUT delegates elected an entirely new slate of officers at the annual Representative Assembly in New York City. The new officers are all members of the revivenysut slate of candidates.

Karen Magee, President
Andrew Pallotta, Executive Vice President
Catalina R. Fortino, 1st Vice President
Paul Pecorale, 2nd Vice President
Martin Messner, Secretary-Treasurer

For more information on the officers backgrounds and their positions on issues please go to nysut.org or revivenysut.org.

NEW ==> The February and March CSTA Minutes Now Online

Please click here to read the February and March 2014 CSTA Minutes.

NEW ==> APPR Downloads

New APPR documents have been added to the website. Please click here to access the information.

NEW ==> Another day, Another difference!

Kris Balintfy has made a difference! Please click here to read the story.

NEW ==> Upcoming NYSUT Officer Elections
By David Fries

In an effort to keep our membership informed of NYSUT activities at the state level, I have compiled information below outlining the upcoming NYSUT elections to be held during the NYSUT Representative Assembly (RA) in New York City April 4th-6th.

The CSTA is entitled to three delegates to the RA in accordance with the size of our membership. As prescribed by our Constitution, the CSTA President attends, along with two elected delegates (Heather Gullo and Nicole Heath). Delegates to the RA will have the opportunity to debate and vote on proposed amendments to the NYSUT Constitution and Bylaws and any proposed resolutions. This being an election year, our representatives will also vote for NYSUT officers. This year there are contested races for all NYSUT officer positions.

The current NYSUT officer slate of candidates:
Richard Iannuzzi, President
Maria Neira, 1st Vice President
Kathleen Donahue, 2nd Vice President
Lee Cutler Secretary-Treasurer

The current Executive Vice President, Andrew Pallotta has chosen not to re-run with the current NYSUT officers. Instead, he has chosen to run with a group of opposition candidates.

The current NYSUT officers’ website is www.strongernysut.com.

The Revive NYSUT slate of candidates:
Karen Magee, President
Andrew Pallotta, Executive Vice President
Catalina R. Fortino, 1st Vice President
Paul Pecorale, 2nd Vice President
Martin Messner, Secretary-Treasurer

The opposition candidates website www.revivenysut.org.

At this time there is an additional candidate (not aligned with either slate) for the position of Executive Vice President, Arthur Goldstein. Arthur Goldstein is a ESL teacher at Francis Lewis High School in Queens and a UFT Chapter Leader.

If you are interested in learning more about the candidates in the upcoming NYSUT elections and their positions on educational issues, I would encourage you to review information contained on the websites indicated above. If you would like to share any comments, or if you have questions/concerns about the elections or the RA, please contact me via email d.fries82@yahoo.com or cell# 439-1261.

In solidarity,
Dave Fries
CSTA Executive Vice President

NEW ==> Brrrr….Baby It’s Cold Outside

Please click here to read about Damon Villnave's experience with being homeless.

Freezin’ For A Reason
We Wore Our Blue!

Please click here to read the latest Member News, complete with photographs!

Retirees Newsletter for December 2013

Please click here to read the December 2013 newsletter for retirees!

Lisa McAllister named Health Teacher of the Year

Lisa McAllister was named Health Teacher of the Year. For additional information please click here.

Changes to APPR for the 2013-2014 School Year

To view the changes to APPR for the 2013-2014 school year please click here.

Take Action with NYSUT's MAC


CSTA Members,

We are all aware of the fight for confidentiality for our evaluations. I urge you to go to https://mac.nysut.org and join NYSUT's Member Action Center from your home computer. Send your fax to your legislators and the governor that your personal evaluation needs to be kept personal, and don't do it once, do it twice every day. Share the information and site with your family and friends and ask them to send their faxes. "Like" the MAC site and add them to your Facebook page. Take action, remind your colleagues and push back.

Linda Meredith
CSTA President

NYSUT Member Benefits

NYSUT Member Benefits - Great Deals for YOU!
from NYSUT

NYSUT Member Benefits Trust was established for the purpose of endorsing and monitoring quality, competitive insurance plans, investments and benefit programs. These programs include discounts on travel, car rentals, mortgage services, consumer guides, insurance and much more. These programs and services are available to NYSUT members and agency fee payers. Some are also available to or cover spouses/domestic partners of members, dependent children, dependent parents and grandparents. In addition to the regular menu of benefits, certain programs are available exclusively for retiree members. Additional information from NYST Member Benefits can be found by clicking here.

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