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New APPR documents have been added to the website. Please click here to access the information.

Take Action with NYSUT's MAC

CSTA Members,We are all aware of the fight for confidentiality for our evaluations. I urge you to go to https://mac.nysut.org and join NYSUT's Member Action Center from your home computer. Send your fax to your legislators and the governor that your personal evaluation needs to be kept personal, and don't do it once, do it twice every day. Share the information and site with your family and friends and ask them to send their faxes. "Like" the MAC site and add them to your Facebook page. Take action, remind your colleagues and push back.

​Linda Meredith
​CSTA President
CSTA Disaster Relief Fund

Our union decided to create a Disaster Relief Fund for members of the Central Square School District community.  We have a form that any CSTA member can fill out requesting funds that we wanted to make available on the website

Please click here to access the CSTA Disaster Relief Fund form.

New York's public schools are NOT FOR SALE!

It seems ridiculous to have to say that, but opponents of public education -- led by a handful of ultra-rich hedge fund and Wall Street billionaires -- are in the process of trying to cash in on the millions they spent on the New York State Senate elections at the expense of public schools in local communities.

Take action now at the NYSUT Member Action Center to sign the petition telling the hedge fund billionaires, the Wall Street privateers and their puppets in Albany that our public schools are NOT FOR SALE!

We need to tell Gov. Cuomo and state legislators that they need to do four things to protect our public schools:

1.  STOP THE STARVATION! Increase funding for all school districts in the coming budget and give priority to needier districts.

2.  PROTECT PUBLIC SCHOOLS! Don't raise the charter cap and don't use our limited public funds for charter school facilities.

3.  STOP THE SUBSIDIES FOR PRIVATIZATION! Don't use public money to subsidize private schools.

4.  HOLD CHARTER SCHOOLS ACCOUNTABLE! Ensure that all schools -- charter schools included -- comply with finance and program audits and educate every child!

Take action now at the NYSUT Member Action Center to sign the petition telling the hedge fund billionaires, the Wall Street privateers and their puppets in Albany that our public schools are NOT FOR SALE!

Sign this petition now and help us protect our public schools!In solidarity,

Andrew Pallotta
NYSUT Executive Vice President

P.S.:  ​
Say clearly that our public schools are NOT FOR SALE! Sign the petition right now!

CSTA Contractual Agreement

Click here to view the 2013 - 2017 Central Square Contractual Agreement.

CSTA Members,

    As we work with the NYSUT leadership to keep you aware of developments we'll be using the union website for our communication along with your home email addresses.  Oswego County is also planning a community forum in the near future, and we've already shared information about the event at the North Syracuse Junior High on Thursday, February 5th at 6:30pm.  NYSUT President Karen Magee's message follows with links for your use. 

In solidarity,


FROM: NYSUT President Karen Magee:

NYSUT is attacking the governor's vicious proposals on multiple fronts: through mainstream and social media, TV, print, forums, direct action, lobbying and more. This week, in a video message I ask you to share, 
I speak directly to members, reinforcing the message that we are at war. On our home page and directly at www.nysut.org/allkidsneed is a center devoted to NYSUT's full-throttle campaign. It tells members now and going forward what they can do. It includes talking points ("Where we stand,") a point-by-point critique of the governor's proposals, video, our print ads, and other tools for forums and political action.

This week we put forth another round of messaging blowing up the specifics of Cuomo's education proposals, including his plan to 
more than double the weight of standardized tests -- unsupported, bad for kids and a teacher-bashing tactic that cannot stand. Our proactive plan for fixing the evils of APPR, adopted last weekend by the NYSUT Board of Directors, will guide our lobbying going forward. Watch for a new multi-media campaign to drop next week. NYSUT's message in coming days will continue to emphasize, over and over, our common cause with parents. It's full speed ahead, and I ask you to carry that rallying cry to our members and the community.

1. Watch for details about community forums in your region

The first forum is scheduled for 
Feb. 11 in the Syracuse area, and plans are coming together for more of our regional public forums to call Cuomo out on his lack of hands-on understanding of what students need. Lockport, Corning, Yonkers and more are in the works for March. Watch for details as they develop at nysut.org/allkidsneed

NEW ==>News from the CSTA and NYSUT

In an effort to share the pride we all feel in our school district because of the great work our teachers and students do every day, the CSTA worked to develop a commercial to air on channels 3 and 9 during the spring of 2015.  Many thanks go out to the union officers who helped develop the concept, the parents who drove to the TV station during some of the worst driving conditions of February and the children who shared their talents on film and in pictures!  We are hoping local businesses will find value in promoting our community and be interested in helping us fund the commercial for a longer viewing time. 

As a follow-up the local television talk show Bridge Street invited us on to do a segment about our latest Character Education award.  Recently we were recognized nationally as a State School District of Character, one of only 46 schools countrywide. Nicole Heath, Jaime Ballard and adorable student Nina Fico made us all proud as they represented us on the show.  

We were also able to promote the Oswego County Public Education Advocacy Night on March 23rd at the Fulton Junior High from 6:30 – 7:30pm.  We need to pack this forum!  

​​New ==> Central Square Pride

From Linda Meredith

NEW ==> Central Square Pride Discussed on Local TV

The Central Square Pride initiative generated interest from Channel 9 WSYR which aired a segment about it on their Bridge Street program. To view the TV segment please click here.

NEW ==> MAJOR Changes Enacted in the new APPR Law

Please click here to ready NYSUT Legal's preliminary analysis of the new APPR laws.