The CSTA is lead by a core group of officers and building representatives that make up the CSTA Executive Committee as outlined in the CSTA constitution. Listed below are the officers and building representatives.


About the CSTA

The Central Square Teachers’ Association (CSTA) is the collective bargaining agent for theK-12 professional educators in the Central Square Central School District.  The CSTA has approximately 353 active members and 125 retired members.  CSTA’s primary responsibility is to negotiate and uphold the integrity of our collective bargaining agreement as outlined in our contract with the Superintendent of Schools.  CSTA strives to maintain an open and professional relationship with the Central Square Central School district and building administration in order to provide an educational environment that facilitates student achievement and our members’ professional growth. We maintain procedures to address grievances when the terms and conditions outlined in our contract are violated.

The CSTA is affiliated with the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).  The resources of these groups assist the CSTA in serving the needs of our members.  They also help assure that the concerns of CSTA members are heard together with the collective voices of educators across New York at both the state and national level.  The CSTA continually strives to maintain its’ tradition of partnership, innovation and educational excellence when interacting with the school district and community.
Negotiating Team

Lynn Dowler -
Jerry Devendorf -
Richard Creamer -
Maria Donahue -
​Kathy Stropp -

Dave Fries -



​P.V. Moore High School

Tiffany Bergman
​Eileena Kelly
​Nicole Pirece
Heather Gullo
Melanie Hawn
Ann Wright
Jen Schantz

Michele Nelson (alt.)
Chris Cox (alt.)

Hastings Mallory
Heather Jackson
Toby St.John

​Autumn Sutton
Kelly Foster (alt.)

A.A. Cole

Kim Davis

Liz Wallace

Casey Seckner (alt.)

​​Krista Lewis (alt.)

CS Middle School
Janice Mullin
Scott Parish​
Kelly Mascaro
Cindy Edick
Maria Donahue

Kirsten Sutton
Patrick Ladd (alt.)

Millard Hawk Elementary   
Michele Kretsch
Debbie Morgan

Paula Manchester

Linda Meredith (alt.)

Dave Fries
Delinda Sunderland

Margie Sauders (alt.)

President - Lynn Dowler
Executive Vice President - Richard Creamer
Vice President - Jaime Blakes
Co-Treasurers - Nicole Heath
 & Jackie Parker
Secretary - Jennifer Colvin

Lynn Dowler - CS Middle School


Richard Creamer - MHE

Executive Vice President, 315-668-4356

Jaime Blakes - P.V. Moore H.S.
Vice President, 315-668-4231 ext. 51019

Nicole Heath - P.V. Moore H.S.
Jackie Parker - P.V. Moore H.S.
Co-Treasurers, 315-668-4231 ext 51307
Jackie Parker​

Jennifer Colvin - P.V. Moore H.S.
​Secretary, 315-668-4231 ext. 51156

Central Square, NY

Email CSTA President Lynn Dowler

President Lynn Dowler


Continuing a Tradition of Partnership, Innovation, and Educational Excellence

Central Square Teachers' Association