Central Square Pride Discussed on Local TV

The Central Square Pride initiative generated interest from Channel 9 WSYR which aired a segment about it on their Bridge Street program. To view the TV segment please click here.

•       Candace Carroll, Special Education Teacher, 19 years
•       Christina Ciciarelli, Reading (AIS) Teacher, 24 years
•       James Kuhl, Elementary Educ. Teacher, 36 years, 3 months
•       Mary Catherine Pugh, Special Education Teacher, 35 years
•       Daniel Schroth, Music Teacher, 31 years
•       Lois Volcko, Mathematics Teacher, 28 years
•       Patricia DeVivo-Beers, Mathematics Teacher, 34 years
•       Dale Greabell, Social Studies Teacher, 33 years
•       John Heins, Technology Teacher, 23 years
•       Lorraine Houck, Special Education Teacher, 13 years
•       Rebecca Mera, Social Studies Teacher, 30 years, 1 month
•       Diane Tallents, Business Education Teacher, 20 years

by Caroline DeSocio

On Sunday October 15, members of the Central Square Teachers Association as well as other Central Square School District faculty, families and friends participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk at the SRC Arena at Onondaga Community College.

Each school in the district worked hard to collect cash and online donations to help in the fight against breast cancer.  The grand total Central Square School District raised is $1,182.00 to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Many thanks to Building Team Leaders in each school for their hard work and dedication to this important walk. Team Leaders were:  CSI: Jen Kandt, Brewerton: Rick Snavlin, AACole: Elva Greene, Central Square Middle School: Sarah Wetsig, and PV Moore High School: Heather Gullo.

Central Square faculty, families and friends came out to join us in Making Strides. They included: Rick Snavlin, Sarah Snavlin, Sarah Wetsig, Lucas Wetsig, Caroline DeSocio, Deborah Joss, Joseph DeSocio, Heather Gullo, Kate Gullo, Sheri Hansen, Bill Hansen, Nicole Heath, Ellowyn Heath, Megan Reeves, Aimee Healy-Reeves, Jen Kandt, Trina Eiffe, Delaney Eiffe, Braden Eiffe, Aileen Hartmann, Heather Fisher, Mandalee Fisher, Evan Fisher, Jennifer Holman, Elva Greene, Aubrey Greene, Tammy Bramer, Rhonda Rhoades, Jennifer Stalsonberg, Nina Stalsonberg

November 2016

•       Helen Bolen, Elementary Educ. Teacher, 21 years, 8 months
•       Sarah Lekki, Art Education Teacher, 32 years, 6 months
•       Neil Dennison, Elementary Education Teacher, 31 years  
•       Judith Windhausen, Elementary Ed. Teacher, 23 years, 5 months 
•       Sharon Grande, Elementary Education Teacher, 15 years
•       Frances Knighton, Elementary Education Teacher, 31 years
•       Shelly Lee, Reading Teacher, 34 years, 8 months
•       Sandra McGuane, Speech Teacher, 27 years, 5 months
•       Lynn Stevenson, Reading (AIS) Teacher, 31 years, 5 months
•       Patricia Slack, Special Education Teacher, 13 years

School Years 2016 and 2017

CSTA - Reclaiming the Joy of Teaching!

Central Square Pride

October 2016

On Wednesday, August 25th, a Central Square bus sat out in front of Walmart to begin the Stuff A Bus Campaign. The following CSTA members and family members worked in 2 hour shifts from 9-3 collecting school supplies outside Walmart: Linda Gilbert, Janice Mullin, Debi Morgan, Jen Kandt, Melanie Payne, Alyssa Payne, Melanie Payne's mother, Jen Watrous, Ryan Watrous, Andrew Watrous, and Bradon Wolfe.  The supplies were shipped to Fitzhugh Park School in Oswego to be sorted with all the school in Oswego County.

On Thursday, August, 26th, Neil Dennison, Christin Bell, Jillian Bell, Kirsten Bell, and Debi Morgan sorted the school supplies, boxed up our boxes, and drove them to our district office where they were sorted and readied for our distribution day.

Friday, August 27th, from 9-12 was distribution day for our Central Square families. Heather Ladd, Kelley Foster, Michele Kretsch, Melanie Payne, Melanie Payne's mother, Alyssa Payne, and Debi Morgan helped the many families that came through the doors to collect school supplies for their children. We helped 63 families this year!  Our numbers were down this year so, all school supplies left were boxed up and sent to each school in our district.

Kudos to the following local participants who collected school supplies for our Central Square School District families. Lisa Toleson led a school supply drive at her church, Calvary Baptist Church.  Also, the District Office held a school supply drive along with Key Bank, and the Caughdenoy United Methodist Church. 

From Linda Meredith

August 2016

Saratoga Fall Conference​

On October 28-30, 2016 several CSTA members headed down to Saratoga for the Annual Fall Regional Conference.  Members Cindy Edick, Autumn Sutton, Melanie Hawn, Heather Gullo, as well as Officers Linda Meredith and Jaime Blakes attended the conference and had an opportunity to attend several classes. 

In an effort to share the pride we all feel in our school district because of the great work our teachers and students do every day, the CSTA worked to develop a commercial to air on channels 3 and 9 during the spring of 2015.  Many thanks go out to the union officers who helped develop the concept, the parents who drove to the TV station during some of the worst driving conditions of February and the children who shared their talents on film and in pictures!  We are hoping local businesses will find value in promoting our community and be interested in helping us fund the commercial for a longer viewing time. 

As a follow-up the local television talk show Bridge Street invited us on to do a segment about our latest Character Education award.  Recently we were recognized nationally as a State School District of Character, one of only 46 schools countrywide. Nicole Heath, Jaime Ballard and adorable student Nina Fico made us all proud as they represented us on the show.  

We were also able to promote the Oswego County Public Education Advocacy Night on March 23rd at the Fulton Junior High from 6:30 – 7:30pm.  We need to pack this forum!  

Central Square School District and Community Participate in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk 2017

Phone Bank Callers​

Several of our CSTA family and AFT personnel manned the Colleen Deacon phone banks in Oswego on November 3rd.  Many thanks to Anne Plottner, Judy Windhausen, Jaime Ballard, Debi Morgan, and Rich Creamer!

Our raffle basket of the Go Pro was raffled off on a special board this year.  Our basket raffled for $500 of which all proceeds go to Making Strides!  Thank you to Jen Colvin for putting this together for us!

November 2016

Congratulations to the 2017 CSTA retirees! We wish you all the best in your retirement!!

Stuff a Bus

Way to Go Sarah!

Look at our most famous art teacher's most recent accomplishment! Congratulations to Sarah, who truly deserves recognition for all of the amazing things that she does within the classroom and every building she has ever worked at.  Click on the link button to read the article.  If you see Sarah please congratulate her on a job well done!

November 2017

CSTA Luncheon Held on November 10, 2016

Saturday evening ended with a costume contest!  Your very own CSTA ladies decided to  dress up as horse jockeys since we were in Saratoga!

2017 CSTA Retirees

Central Square Teachers' Association

Continuing a Tradition of Partnership, Innovation, and Educational Excellence